My name is Warren!

I was born and raised in a small town in central Ohio. At a young age I became captivated by video games and their ability to transport players into another world. The more I played, the more I began to think about my world in terms of games. Growing up in a small town often meant you had to create your own fun, and I fell in love with that process.

I discovered my passion for VR/AR game development during my time at Ohio University. While there, I worked as a 360 Video Producer and VR Developer at the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, and as an XR Simulation Intern at the OhioHealth Learning Center.

My work for the GRID Lab has been showcased at the Midwest Game Developer Expo, the Virtual Reality and Healthcare Global Symposium, and is currently being used in the Ohio University VR curriculum

Currently, I am designing at Virtualitics, Inc., creating a powerful platform of immersive data visualization and analysis software!

See below for my Resume + more info!

My interests & hobbies


    • My favorite genres are Folk and Punk, but jazz and hip-hop get an honorable mention.

    • I play guitar, tuba, and sing (only on karaoke night).


  • Rock Climbing

  • Disc Golf

  • Gaming

  • Collecting Cool Coffee Mugs

  • Drinking Coffee out of Cool Mugs

Favorite Games

  • Fallout 3

  • MarioKart 8

  • Donkey Kong (Original)

  • Cuphead

  • Job Simulator

  • RDR2

  • Ghosts of Tsushima


  • I have two beautiful cats named Sharkboy and Lavagirl!