Platform: Oculus Rift, PCVR

Role: Level Designer, Environment Artist, Programmer

Engine: Unity, C#, Oculus SDK

CyberShot is a VR shooter made for Oculus Link/Rift S that puts the player in the middle of the action as waves of enemies come rushing towards them.

Gameplay Showcase Video

CyberShot was designed to be played in a stationary play area. The player is given both a sword and a gun to defend themselves. As the number of enemies increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to rely on one weapon or the other, so the player must quickly develop a strategy that utilizes both.

Level-Design Planning: Red X marks enemy spawnpoints, Blue X marks Player

The level layout provides an intimate space for a play area to instill comfort in the player and make the area easy to ignore. Guiding lines and plane articulation draw the player's attention to the enemy pathway down either street. As the pathways become less visible, the sense of restlessness heightens, keeping the player on the edge of their seat.

Environment Showcase from Player's Perspective

Above is a first person view of the level. Each path provides something unique that catches the players attention, but prohibits them from seeing enemies right away.