Platform: Oculus Quest

Role: Game Designer, Programmer

Engine: Unity, C#, Oculus SDK

CoffeeQuest is a narrative-driven VR game for the Oculus Quest that requires the player to solve puzzles and find creative solutions to problems in order to complete their one task for the day: get the boss their coffee!

CoffeeQuest level fly-through and Gameplay.

This game was inspired by my unconditional (and borderline unhealthy) love for coffee. At first, I wanted to create a game where the player had to find their favorite mug, only to realize that they were the mug all along. Once I sat down with a small team of artists and developers, my original vision began to evolve into something with a bit more structure.

Story Progression Flowchart

We created a flowchart that both summarized the experience the player would have, and laid out exactly what needed done development-wise. This helped us narrow the scope of the idea, and establish an effective development workflow.

Gameplay: Making the cup of coffee

As the lead developer, I used this project to challenge my Unity and C# skills. Something I have wanted to create since first playing Job Simulator was a coffee pot/coffee sequence, and that just so happened to be an essential part of this game. Shown above is my attempt at coffee in VR, complete with all the details that one would expect when making coffee!

CoffeeQuest is still currently under development. More gameplay footage + playable build will be uploaded soon!