The Letter

Platform: Oculus Quest

Role: Game + Level Designer, Programmer

Engine: Unity, C#, Oculus SDK

The Letter is a 5-10 minute fully walk-able VR experience made for the Oculus Quest that allows the user to explore an abandoned house while staying within a 15x15ft play area.

Gameplay Video: Showcases re-directive walking design technique

This game utilized re-directive walking which allowed the player to walk through the level while staying within a 15ft x 15ft play area. This is accomplished by using various collision and transform-based triggers that shift the environment around the player.

Gif of player experience once inside the house

The majority of this experience is had in complete darkness, using only a flashlight to see. Upon entering the house, the flashlight on a distant table can immediately be seen via moonlight. This gives the player an immediate goal that, upon completion, will afford the ability to continue exploring.

Gif showcasing object interactivity

The Letter gameplay was designed to be as realistic as possible. Books and other misc. objects can be picked up/thrown, the flashlight is activated after inserting the battery, and each door must be physically opened.

Level Design Image Gallery: Before, After, After with lighting

The environment was also designed to be as realistic as possible. Above is a photo gallery containing the blockout, environment without lights, and environment with lights for each section.